Here’s what people had to say about The Prodigal Daughter…

Elisa presented to our Association for Hebrew Catholics meeting recently. She performed a lively and compelling drama around a spiritual theme. We were all impressed by her candour, clarity of voice, and expressiveness of gesture and nuance. To say that we, ourselves, were moved and convicted of the goodness and mercy of God by her presentation and witness afterwards is to to understate the power of her work and faith. We heartily recommend her to any parish group of any age.

– Mark and Sue Neugebauer, Fellowship of St. Joseph AHC Toronto

Elisa Lollino uses her God-given gift of acting to bring Scripture to life.  In an engaging and powerful way, she re-enacts a parable told by Jesus, bringing a depth of emotion to every detail, leaving a profound impact on the audience.  This provides a great starting point for group discussion or personal reflection.  Her knowledge and love of performance art is also evident as she leads fun activities in workshops to draw out the talent and skill of the participants.   She would be an excellent resource for youth groups, church groups, school assemblies or spiritual retreats for young and old audiences.

– Denis Beaulieu, Youth Minister, St.John’s Parish, Kitchener, Ontario.     

Here’s what people had to say about He Thirsts for You…

At the inaugural meeting for the St. Paul’s Catholic Women League this past September I was blessed to have encountered Elisa Lollino’s one person play, “He Thirsts for You”.   While always being faithful to the Gospel, Elisa uses her creative skills to bring to life the story of the Samaritan woman who encounters Jesus at the well in the fourth chapter of John’s Gospel.  She brings to life the truth that the meeting with Christ leads us to faith, healing and a transformation of our lives.  I believe Elisa is able to communicate the power of encounter with Jesus because it is a reality that she knows in her own life of Christian discipleship.  Elisa’s performance is witty, thoughtful and will touch your spirit.

Fr. Ed Henhoeffer

Elisa’s performance of her play ”He Thirsts for You” was riveting. Her adaptation of the Biblical story about the woman at the well was very powerful. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Charlotte Carpenter

I had the great pleasure of seeing Elisa Lollino’s play “He Thirsts for You”. I laughed and I cried but more important I felt as if I was closer to understanding the meaning of the scripture. I was among 120 other women and we couldn’t help but give Elisa a standing ovation. It was well done and beautifully written. I highly recommend seeing it for yourself.

Wilma Malick

Elisa is a talented actress with a message.  Her play, He Thirsts for You, was presented recently at St. Andrew Church in Oakville.  Though the audience was small I was amazed at the sustained applause for a magnificent and captivating presentation of the Woman at the Well.  All who were present were deeply moved and caught up into the various characters of the drama.

Fr. Peter Coughlin

This year’s 80 grade 8 students of St. Francis of Assisi Parish who are preparing for the rite of confirmation were given an amazing performance by Elisa Lollino. Elisa’s performance was exceptionally well done and had all 80 students engaged and listening to the story of “The Samaritan Woman” for her entire performance. Elisa’s portrayal of this story was exceptionally well done and is able to bring words to life and transport you to the very location of the story without you ever having to leave your seat. Elisa is an exceptional performer with an amazing gift that should be shared with all.

Father Joseph Grima and Marc Facca

Elisa Lollino has been blessed with a gift she has graciously chosen to share with others and through this sharing, God is working through her to impact the lives of His people. The context behind John’s Gospel story of “the woman at the well” is so often misunderstood and Elisa is able to bring light to that story showing her audience how each one of us is so much like that woman; yearning for God to be in our midst and touch our lives when we least expect it. The Holy Spirit works through Elisa as she performs and anyone who watches her becomes a part of the story…we all become that woman and we are all transformed as she was.

Tania Rosario

Through her performances, Elisa Lollino gives witness to what can happen when we offer the talents that God has blessed us with, back to the Lord in humble service and surrender to his Will. Elisa challenges her audiences to be opened to the truth that our God does indeed thirst for every single one of us, and that He alone can satisfy our deepest longings. In her own creative and eloquent way, she is responding to the call of the New Evangelization, by inviting us all to take a closer look at the Good News of our Faith, and embrace the gift of Salvation.

– Corinne Kennedy

Here’s what people had to say about Fly With Me

On Friday December 28, 2018, Elisa Lollino, of Ephphatha Productions, performed her one woman play “Fly with Me” for an audience of 60 family members, ranging from 1 to 84 years old. Elisa held our attention with her flawless transformation from Shirley to Mary to Cynthia, telling each of their stories about growing, living and dying. In an instant, even the young children could easily recognize each character just by her change in voice and mannerisms, no costumes or props required. While messages of finding beauty and peace, and meeting God in their own way, were at the heart of their stories, it was delivered with unmistaken humour and sincerity. “Fly with Me” was entertaining and thoughtful. We thank Elisa for her performance at our Family Christmas Get-together and wish her success in the future.

– Karen Brabant

Elisa is a very gifted actress who brings to life what mere words cannot
express. Her performances are full of energy, subtlety and “bravada” that
give to her audience some much needed food for thought. Her willingness to
stretch out and reach for the hearts of her audience captivates all who see
her. Elisa uses her talent to open up new horizons and gets us to think
more, feel more, experience more– to go beyond ourselves without ever
having to leave our seats.

Fr. Michael Corcione OFM

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