Upcoming Fundraiser Performance-August 29th

All are invited to St. Paul the Apostle Parish in Burlington for a fundraising performance! I will be performing He Thirsts for You to raise funds for The Ministry for the Needy group http://www.canadianfoodforchildren.net/ . Please come and show your support! The event starts at 1:30pm. There will be singing by Paul O’Conner and crafts made by the group will be for sale as well. See you there!

What: Ministry for the Needy Fundraiser Performance He Thirsts for You
When: Monday, August 29th @ 1:30pm
Where: St. Paul the Apostle Parish (2265 Headon Rd, Burlington, ON (905) 332-5115)


More performances in April…

I know this is a little late as it is now May but as they say: better late than never….who are “they” anyway?

APRIL 11th – Performed He Thirsts for You at St. Marcellinus  Secondary School in Mississauga! A great day!

APRIL 16th – Performed The Prodigal Daughter for the CWL ladies of St. Peter and Paul in Mississauga! We had a great discussion as well!