Recent Shows

Last week was a very blessed week! It started off with an intimate performance of The Prodigal Daughter with old and new friends at a home in Oakville. It was such a blessed day and lovely to see my friends from Madonna House there too.

On Wednesday evening I performed He Thirsts for You at Christ the King Cathedral in Hamilton as part of a Lenten spiritual reflection lead by David Dayler. A beautiful evening!

On Thursday afternoon I was invited to perform The Prodigal Daughter at the Chancery office in Hamilton for a group of Alter Servers. I enjoyed hearing what they had to say afterward.

The Prodigal Daughter 2017 Diocese of Hamilton

And this past Saturday I performed He Thirsts for You as part of a fundraiser for the Ministry for the Needy  which is affiliated with Canadian Food For Children, a great charity that helps those most in need. It was a lovely evening with great food and great people!

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