Ephphatha means “Be opened”. Opened to what?  In the Gospel of Mark 7:31-37 Jesus heals a deaf and mute man and says the word “Ephphatha” as He heals him. But what does this word mean for us today? I believe it is a call from Christ asking us to be opened to His Word, to Himself and to allow Him to transform us and heal us. It is my mission to zealously proclaim His Word to “anyone with ears to hear.” (Mk 4:9)

When choosing this name, I also drew inspiration from pope Benedict XVI who said:

“Ephphatha – Be opened,” sums up Christ’s entire mission. He became man so that man, made inwardly deaf and dumb by sin, would become able to hear the voice of God, the voice of love speaking to his heart, and learn to speak in the language of love, to communicate with God and with others. (Angelus September 9, 2012)

I pray that all who watch these performances may be blessed and open to the Word God.